BeFriender MinistryWhat Is BeFriender Ministry?

BeFriender Ministry is a lay pastoral care program. This ministry of caring brings specially trained people into caring relationships with others at times of special need by visiting with them and bringing emotional and spiritual support.

This Ministry of Caring reaches out to people who are…

  • welcoming a new child through birth or adoption
  • going through marital separation or divorce
  • coping with a disability
  • seriously ill, hospitalized, or home bound
  • feeling lonely or depressed
  • providing home care for a loved one
  • grieving the loss of a spouse, parent, child, or other loved one
  • experiencing an empty nest or retirement
  • going through a job loss, career transition, or relocation

A BeFriender Minster is someone who really listens, without giving advice, and who allows others to make their own decisions. A BeFriender Minster is not a problem solver, a counselor, or a therapist. Confidentiality is strictly kept, respecting the privacy of all who are befriended.

The Role of the BeFriender is to be a companion on the journey through listening, presence, and compassion. BeFriender ministers bring with them the caring presence of God and the community.

BeFriender Minister Training

A BeFriender candidate receives between 20-30 hours of training before becoming a Befriender. The training addresses issues such as grief and loss, spirituality, listening, and confidentiality.

BeFrienders also participate in ongoing regular small group meetings with the BeFriender leadership team.

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