Register for Camp Wapo January 21—March 15. 

Register for camp online at Camp Registration.

 If you have any questions, concerns, or want to know more about scholarships, please contact Christina Verbick or Kate Roettger.

SEEDS Weekend Camp for grades 2 and 3  (completed)—June 22-24; cost is $165

Youth Week-long Camp for grades 4–9 (completed)—June 24-29; cost is $430

Senior High Camp Weeklong Camp for grades 9-12 (completed)—June 24-29; cost is $430

Servant Leadership Weeklong Camp for grades 11-12 (completed, application required)—June 24-29; cost is $450

Wapo Bible Camp on Lake Wapogasset

What's Camp Wapo about? Video (1 1/2 minutes)

Get a taste of camp at Camp Wapo video (6 1/2 minutes)