Changing the World

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Changing the World

You may have received  your estimate of giving card in the mail this week or it will be in your home early next week. You are asked to send this card back to church or please bring it to worship next Sunday, (Stewardship Sunday) November 19. A brunch will be served all morning next Sunday to celebrate our calling as followers of Christ, “Changing the World” through our generous giving. Prayerfully consider increasing your giving for 2018 by $5/week.

Thanks for your partnership in this important mission, changing the world by Reaching out with a Voice of Hope!

Changing the World: All Saints’ Sunday

Today we celebrate All Saints’ Day. It is an annual occasion when the church acknowledges what it means that every one of us is a child of God, individuals full of as much holiness as sinfulness. It is also a moment when we recognize the beauty and significance of the “communion of saints,” that body of God comprising both the living and the dead.

So, how on All Saints’ Day are we Changing the World as a congregation? We are sharing the word that God loves each one of us just as we are!! Together we give thanks to God for the lives of our loved ones, share our faith in Jesus, and rejoice in this occasion to remember all those saints who have entered eternal life. Together, with all our imperfections, challenges, talents, and skills, we will work towards Changing the World!

Changing the World

We are celebrating with 37 youth this weekend as they affirm the promises given to them in their baptisms. Did you ever stop to think that your generous gifts to Our Saviour’s are forming young people of faith? Yes, your gifts not only pay for their confirmation, but they are laying a foundation for their life of faith for the rest of their lives. Thanks for your part in Changing the World!

Changing the World: Through Fiscal Responsibility

Most people may not think that paying down a church mortgage has much to do with “Changing the World.”  Our Saviour’s has contributed $622,201 to a mortgage reduction appeal called “Mortgage to Mission” in the past three years.  Our contention is that paying down the mortgage opens the door to our future. Reducing our debt load enables us to apply more of our resources to mission and ministry. This effort to reduce the mortgage also puts us in a better position to plan for a much needed building program that would meet our growing needs for more classrooms, kitchen and fellowship space.

When you give to our general budget and to the extended year of mortgage reduction appeal, you are making a difference. “Reaching out with a Voice of Hope” is not only our church mission statement, it is our motivation to continue to give generously. Thanks for your participation in all parts of our ministry!

Changing the World: Through 145 years

A dedicated group of Swedish immigrants built a church in Ham Lake in 1872. This was the beginning of the ministry we now call Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. We continue to use this chapel for worship and special celebrations. A larger church was built east of Hwy. 65 and the congregation was relocated in 1964.

Our Saviour’s built a third structure and moved to our current site on Jackson St. in 2004. Through all of these changes, God has been at work “changing the world” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your participation and generous donations of time and money are vitally important as we continue to “reach out with a voice of Hope” in our day and for many years to come.

Changing the World: Through our Christian Education Programs

The OSLC Sunday school and Wednesday JAM programs currently have 160 children registered. These programs continue to grow. We also have 113 youth registered for confirmation. On October 29, “Confirmation Sunday,” 38 youth will be affirming their faith. Did you know that your generous gifts pay for all the education of our children in Sunday school and confirmation?

Our Saviour’s Preschool has a fall enrollment of 51. This is 17 children more than 2016.

Thanks for your dedication to the ministry of our children. Your gifts are “Changing the World” one child at a time!

2017 Stewardship Program

Throughout the month of October the Stewardship team is celebrating all the ministries that happens at Our Saviour’s to change the world in Jesus’ name! This celebration will culminate with a breakfast on Nov. 19.

The 2017 Stewardship Team members are: Howard White, Ben Bjornson, Wendy and Earl Warren, Matt Wolff, and Pastor Dan Nordin. Be sure to thank this great group for their work.