Wednesdays at the Chapel, 2200 Swedish Dr., Ham Lake

6:30 p.m. - June 7 through August 30

From the Wednesday after Memorial Day to the last Wednesday before Labor Day, you will find worship using the green Lutheran Book of Worship at the OSLC Chapel in Ham Lake. The language and music of this liturgy is very familiar to us at Our Saviour's, and will make worship at the Chapel accessible to even more people of all ages. We're excited for this opportunity to introduce a wider audience to the beauty of worshiping in a building with deep roots and rich history. Come as you are, and stay after worship for ice cream and conversation.

IGNITE Worship

IGNITE! Worship

6:30 p.m. - Sept. 20, 2017 - May 9, 2018

What is it? A worship service specifically designed for teens.  Interactive, meaningful, and impacting your daily life.

Anything new this year? Yes! We want YOU to help lead it! Whether it’s leading the interactive activity for the week, singing or playing in the band, being in a skit, serving Communion, or something else, we want to see YOU up front! Talk to Glenndy, Pastor Maria, Pastor Dan, or IGNITE! Band Leader Cathy Yseth to let us know you’re in. If you don’t tell us, we’ll ask you, so save time and talk to us!

What are the topics this fall? We know you want to change the world, but might be overwhelmed thinking there’s not much you can do until you’re an adult… but there is! So we start off the year letting you know that GOD Can Use YOUto make a difference in all kinds of ways! Check out the schedule below to find out what area of life we’ll tackle each night. We’re also planning to have guest speakers periodically. The goal is to always have the message connect to your everyday life. If you have ideas, let us know!

GOD Can Use YOU...
  • Sept. 20     ...In Your Family
  • Sept. 27     ...With Your Friends
  • Oct. 4         ... In Your Church Community
  • Oct. 11       ...At Your School
  • Oct. 18      No IGNITE!  No programming.  MEA break.
  • Oct. 25       ...Through Pain