Sunday Worship 1/17/21
10:15 Contemporary
Sunday Worship 1/17/21
8:30 Traditional
Wednesday Revelation Worship – Jan. 13
Connection Devotion from Pastor Maria

I hope you’re getting good rest these days.

Every once in a while my neck decides that it doesn’t like the pillow I’ve been using, so I wake up with a sore neck. After a few days of that, I finally get sick of it and pull out any pillow I can find, trying a different one every night until I find one that my neck won’t complain about.

I went through one of those stretches recently, thought I had it all sorted out, and the other night I didn’t sleep well. So let’s talk about rest!

When the pandemic first started, we found ourselves at home with time on our hands – time to rest, to read, to binge Netflix, and to do projects that we’d put off. Being at home was restful. It forced us to slow down and reconnect with the people we live with. It was good to rest. Ten months in, it feels different for a lot of us. For parents who have kids doing distance learning all the time or part of the time, it can feel stressful – like there’s no time for rest. For people who live with others, it’s been ten months of practically no alone time. For people who live on their own, it’s been ten months of practically all alone time.  Click for more from Pastor Maria..

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