• Bible Instruction Class is a fun, interactive class which is offered once-a-year. One parent/guardian or other loving adult special to child must attend the class with your child. Please indicate below the name of the attending parent/guardian/loving adult.

    2nd graders who will be presented with a Bible, will have a Bible at class waiting for them to work with.

    3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students, be sure to bring your Bible to class!

    During the class you will make a Bible cover and learn all kinds of interesting things about your Bible. Come ready to learn!
  • Is your child a 2nd grader or older child who has not been presented with a full Bible from Our Saviour's (not Spark Story Bible)? Or, is your child older and already been presented with a Bible from Our Saviours (Spark NRSV or Hands on Learning Bible NLT)?
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