Bible Sunday

Bibles for Children

As parents and a congregation, we promise at each child’s baptism that we will put God’s Word in his or her hands. In worship we give every child (from age 3-grade 2) a Spark Story Bible which contains all 150 stories taught in their Spark curriculum. Older children (grades 2-5) receive a New Living Translation Version (NLT) Bible.

Spark Story Bible
Bibles for Three-year-olds

In October of each year the Spark Story Bible is given to 3-year-olds and new students age 4 through grade 1.

Bible Class

New Living Translation Version (NLT) Bible is a full Bible written closer to your child’s reading level. It includes additional information for children, such as hands-on Bible experiences, introductions to each book of the Bible, maps, and illustrations. Kids receiving this Bible are asked to attend this Bible class to learn about their Bible and have an opportunity to make a special Bible cover.

NLT Hands-on Bible
Bible Presentation for Second Graders

All 2nd graders receive the Hands-on Bible in the spring of the year.