Communion Instruction

First Communion Prep Class

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Realizing that children are ready at different ages to receive Communion, parents/guardians are encouraged to consider the following to help determine if their child is ready:

  • Jesus welcomes all to the table, so all are welcome to receive Jesus’ meal of grace, love, and forgiveness at Our Saviour’s! If you feel your child is ready, have a conversation with them and have them start receiving. No class is necessary before communing for the first time. Martin Luther said the important thing to know about Communion is that this Meal of Jesus’ is For You! If you’d like to have a conversation with your child and a pastor beforehand, we’re happy to do that.
  • As your child gets older, has been communing or is choosing to wait to commune, and is able to enter into conversation more deeply, take advantage of the Communion Class. A special worship service will mark the stepping stone of your child’s completion of the class.

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