Stewardship 2019

God gives. We give back. Live generously.

Daily on OSLC’s Facebook page and website, October 1-21, we’ll be posting videos of members — individuals, couples, families — talking about Our Saviour’s ministries, about living generously.

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Daily video links are below:

As we focus on God’s generosity to us, we’ll also be looking at our individual and corporate response to God. We’ll be looking at stewardship in October this year, rather than November, so start thinking now about how you want to commit to a generous life.

Of course, one of the places that we rely on for our life and ministry is generosity to Our Saviour’s. When you see the children all run up for the children’s message on Sunday, that’s because YOU GIVE! When we confirm a class of 9th graders at the end of October, it will because YOU GIVE! When we switched out the lights in the offices for more efficient ones, it’s because YOU GIVE and the HARD HATS WORK! When you hear the band or the organ, when you hear the choir and the handbells — it’s because YOU GIVE! When you pull into a paved parking lot — it’s because someone gave. When you’re the right temperature (or even too hot or too cold), it’s because people gave to buy those systems and then to provide the power for them.

From the care of the building to utilities, to having a high quality Sunday school, to middle and high school youth ministries, to sharing with others, to paying staff, to buying curriculum, to hooking up to water and sewer, to having the lights on and air and heat running, to paying for coffee and cups, to keeping up the playground, to sharing with refugees, to helping people in need, to contributing to our church body, to  . . . the list goes on and on and on —

You make this possible! As a congregation, we have so much to be thankful for.  We are able to accomplish much for Jesus’ sake. But we all have so many great ideas (THANK YOU!) and we need to be able to fund them. So please — please — consider well what you’ll be able to do in financial support of Our Saviour’s in 2019. We’ll be asking for you to estimate your giving on October 21.

In October, please listen to the stories of fellow members on Facebook. Tell your own stories at coffee hour and Bible study and book club and Hard Hats and all the places you gather. Tell of how YOU Live Generously. Tell stories of how YOUR life has been touched by Our Saviour’s. And then, please respond with generosity on October 21!